Humbled by Ali Kazanowski


Our time here in the United Kingdom is quickly coming to a close. With only 4 days left of the program, I am determined to make the most of every minute. Today was an awesome day, if I could describe it in one world it would be humbled. We got to visit the University of Cambridge, one of the worlds leading schools. Our group got to tour the beautiful chapel, got lunch and walked around. It was fascinating being in a place where so many influential people began to change world.

After leaving Cambridge, we headed to the United Kingdom memorial for American soldiers who fought in World War 2. Not having a family member or anyone I know being a part of it, I did not think it would make me so emotional. When you see thousands of names on the wall of soldiers that went missing during the war, and realize a large chunk of them were men and women your own age, it is extremely humbling.

The memorial made me realize how lucky we are to live in America and have strangers risk their lives for us every single day. A few months back I saw the movie American Sniper. The movie is about Chris Kyle and the disturbing situations he faced while fighting in the War on Terror. While we were at the memorial today I got the same pit in my stomach as I did when I was sitting in the theatre.

It is awful what the soldiers undergo and disrespectful that we do not recognize them on a daily basis. Why is it that our media is full of news with shallow celebrity gossip, when there are people dying every day and risking their most precious gift for us? It is hard not to question the values of our society when you are standing in front of thousands of soldiers graves.

I hope our generation is the generation to change that.

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