I Want to be a Kingsman by My Ha


Today’s adventure consists of traveling to Cambridge, England to visit King’s College.
 I found out that Cambridge University consists of 20 colleges, so there is no physical university to see. King’s College being one of them.
We started off with a tour of King’s College Chapel. The chapel is the only place visitors can view because the school grounds is restricted to only the students of King’s College. It is beautiful inside. It is so private that no one can touch the grass of King’s College except for the “fellows” of the school. In the past, there are rankings for different students of the college and the prestigious ones are called “fellows.”  
Inside the Chapel, there are stained glass lined on every window pane. The room is split into different bays. There are about 5 bays in the chapel which are used for different purposes. There are two rows of stained glass. It is separated in a way that depicts pictures of the old testament on the top and the new testament on the bottom. The speaker, Mallory Wober described some of the stained glass to us about exodus and the birth of Jesus. 
Some interesting fellows he mentioned that went to King’s College are are John Maynard Keynes, E.M.Forster, and J.G. Ballard. Keynes is a left wing economists that urged to provide money for the people and helped create a strategy for the scales of economies. Forster and Ballard are novelists who wrote about the world and had famous works published. 
To me, it seems like King’s College is the elite college of Cambridge and lots of famous and great minds came from here. It was a great visit and I got a souvenir to leave with! 

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