Kings To soldiers- Kathleen Alexander


There’s been a few days now that I’ve felt were my favorite, but getting down to the wire now, I’m thinking today may be my favorite of all. We weren’t only able to visit the beautiful campus of Cambridge, who’s produced graduates that have helped shape the world we know today, but also the largest American World War II cemetery in the UK. 

Cambridge was much different to the Universities we know as American students. It’s home to many colleges, and many of these colleges date back before the exploration of North America. Kings college is where we did our exploring. We learned that King’s college was established as a place for people to learn more about the church than anything, and this is where we see the differences from our universities. They weren’t built with dorms and cafeterias, they were built with eating halls, and chapels so that people could eat, worship, and study. The University was also centuries older than the universities we know at home, and the history that is wrapped up in their buildings is astounding. In the chapel, we were able to take our time while looking at the stain glass windows, which worked as an old form of mass communication when books and writing weren’t readily available to the public.

From there we were able to pay respect to some of the brave men and women to helped keep our world free during World War II. The cemetery included a chapel which had every state seal in the stain glass windows, a mosaic covering the ceiling, and a work of art that displayed the US operations during the years of 1941-1945. It really hit home seeing their names, and then the state Michigan next to it on the wall of the missing, and the graves of those buried there. The memorial was a place that I’ll never forget, with immaculate grounds, it was a beautiful place for those heroes to rest.

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