Advertising Skills Aren’t Limited to Ads – By Danielle Duggan


It’s safe to say that I can no longer go into an advertising agency without debating changing my major. It’s hard not to be instantly attracted to the fun, hip, young, and creative atmosphere that most agencies provide. Though my head-over-heels love for journalism is too giant to ditch, there are so many ways that characteristics of an advertising agency can be carried over into other aspects of life.

I’m a strong believer in the importance of integrating good people and good energy into every day. Those three things are valued both in American and in Europe. They’re the perfect recipe for an open mind and creative thinking. Even if someone is completely a task that doesn’t directly involve creativity, being surrounded by positive energy will instantly make accomplishing anything much easier.

A close bond with your co-workers is also key to producing a good product. Those that you surround yourself with directly influence the time you have. Even the most dull events can be made into something memorable if you spend them with positive, fun people. I’ve found that on days of this program when everyone is in good spirits and well rested, it makes for a much better environment to stay engaged in what the speaker is saying and to better enjoy the events of the day.

It was difficult not to be inspired by the incredible portfolio of work that Design Bridge showed off to us today. An employee of the agency once said that “every project is a chance to become an expert in a new subject.” I feel very much the same way when writing a new journalistic story. As a journalist, you have to learn to be flexible enough to cover any topic of stories. It’s crucial that you’re well-informed on the topic before you start writing. This is much the same with advertising. Unless you’re an expert on the product or concept you’re advertising, there’s no hope in you reaching much success.

Though I’ll stay strong and will continue to stop myself from being tempted to study advertising, I’m so thankful that I’ve had the opportunity to draw so much from so many prestigious advertising agencies.


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