Art or Design? — By Yuanjie Jin


The reason why I chose advertising as my college major has been asked for a lot times, include my parents, my friends, and my professors. The answer of mine is that I was attracted by this form of communication: dragging attention and let you have the motivation just in a few seconds. I would like to say that this can be brilliant if you done well. Today I had a chance to get into a great packaging design & advertising design company (called Design Bridge) and to figure out how professions make those amazing things.

There were some opinions from our speaker Mr. David Annetts that made me feel interested. First one was the things that you need to accomplish to make a great piece of advertising work: cause disruption and cause desire, in the other words, grab attention and let them love it. I really like this way to think in advertising work, because I think the disruption and desire are the most important things in advertising business. Another one was about the debating whether should advertising considered as art or design. As David said, the art is more about self-expression, but the design is more about communicating, it’s two-way communication, you need the feedback from the audience. So advertising might be considered as design in my mind, however, I would like to think it as a kind of new art in this society. Because a lot advertising showed the brilliant parts of designers and made something that nobody can ever think of, which gave me a lot impact that also can be received in arts.

Mr. David Annetts

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