Building Bridges by My Ha


Today, we went to Bridge Design, an independent creative agency. David Annetts, a creative executive director of Design Bridge, spoke to the group about his career. His presentation was well put together and had a good way of communicating to the audience. In particular, each title was creative and made sense once he talked about his life. 
Communicating through creative presentations is a great strategy to get your point accross. I realize each speaker has their own style when they present. 

He gave us a tour of his office right after the presentation. I was amazed at the set up of the work environment. The place felt like home to me. 

In the afternoon, we got to talk to a press secretary of UKIP, Gavin Tower. He spoke about the independent party and his career. He created a satirical magazine called The Sprout when he was a free lance journalist, but got offered a job at UKIP in 2009. He now is the “crisis management guy” and every political leader calls him up to confide in him. 

I thought both speakers and companies were the best out of all the other companies we visited. It felt more personal at Design Bridge, and also UKIP seems like my style of politics. It helped me want to explore more about politics and see if I am a liberal or conservative. It is time for me to create new bridges to create my own identity as I grow older.

I also thought Gavin’s metaphor for the UK’s version of the constitution was interesting even though UK doesn’t have one. He said, “We are like fish in the sea who swims, but don’t know they are wet.” This means is they don’t realize the importance of the constitution that Americans put in words, but they follow it unknowingly. 

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