Craft, Originality, and Storytelling by Lauren Captain 


Today we went to Design Bridge, which is an advertising agency that had a laid back and cool feel. While another advertising agency we went to during our time abroad was Golley Slater in Wales and it did not have that same feel. 
I compared both of these advertising agencies after being at this one today and though their concepts are very similar, I found Design Bridge to be more focused on the aspect of art for their advertisements.
The question behind Design Bridge is, “art or design?” And that I thought was a very good question when applying that to advertising. But then that also made me think, this question could be used in a lot of references towards mass media. “Design is art with a purpose,” David Annetts, our speaker at Design Bridge told us. He also went to go on and speak about how crafting, originality and storytelling is the key to a good advertisement in this industry and that is what Design Bridge follows. 
Even though this is a whole advertising agency, David Annett reassured us to have our own projects, no matter what our profession is. This clicked in my mind for journalism- this is how someone could get ahead in the industry. Being able to do your work for the company along with your own specialized work creates a large variety of portfolio to showcase yourself. This is how you keep in touch with yourself. This is also how you bring your mind to life outside of your body.

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