Design bridge and the change in communication


How is communication used to wow people? Today we went to Design bridge, and English design company. There was a lot to take it, it was significantly different from the Welsh design company Golly Slater. One of the biggest differences was the energy and excitement in Golly Slater did not exist in Design Bridge. The man who talked to us, David Annets, while not annoyed with us being there, really didn’t seem to care as much. However, at Golly Slater, they seemed elated to see us. While it really isn’t surprising that the more reserved English culture keep any excitement at bay, going to both agencies was a really interesting look into the cultures of advertising as well.



If I could describe Golly Slater in one word, it would be young. Not just it’s employs, which all looked 40 at the most, the company was bright, full of light and interesting. Everyone seemed excited to see us, it was easy to see how this was a family atmosphere. Another interesting thing about Golly Slater was the things they advertised. The man who talked us was elated to talk about the edgy new car commercials they were producing. At the other end was a the much more conservative English agency which produced commercials for Scotch and Gin. The mood seemed much more dull and focused. Not to say that Design Bridge was a dull agency, but compared to its Welsh competitor it seemed bland. This goes to show that there is a different culture that effects the way we communicate.

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