Last two-a-day: Kathleen Alexander


Finally the sun came out again in London. I was about ready to delete my weather app on my phone when it kept lying to me, telling me it was going to be 73 degrees and sunny for the past 3 days, when we’ve been getting overcast in the 60’s.

I started my day off at Starbucks or the 4th day in a row. I’m beginning to have a caffeine addiction I didn’t have before I got here. I’m also beginning to understand the stereotype that city slickers always have a coffee in their hand.

We ventured over to Farringdon, a hip new neighborhood where a lot of advertising agencies have started to hold offices in the last 10 to 20 years. We went to Design Bridge, where David, the Executive Creative Director walked us through some of the work that his agency has produced, and how he came into the business. He also discussed how the advertising industry has changed throughout the years from B.C. (which he referenced as Before Computers) Design Bridge was interesting in the fact that they were still a privately owned business, and this let them keep a small business feel in a big agency.

We were visited by the press secretary of the UK independent party in the afternoon. He was able to give us insight to what it’s like to be the small guy in a big pond, especially in terms of money. It was interesting to learn about his perspectives and learn more about United Kingdom politics overall.

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