Laugh it Off by Ali Kazanowski


Have you ever sat down and thought of stressful jobs, picture this: Constantly putting out fires for politicians. I know, I know, when mostly people hear that they would begin backing away slowly. Today we met with Gavin Towers, the head of public relations for the Ukips political party. On a daily basis, Gavin is releasing statements and fixing the reputations of others. He gave some really memorable advice:

1. Always be honest

Gavin made it very clear that when people lie,  it often catches up to them. I think this statement is true in all aspects of life, it was especially refreshing hearing it from a politician. As an advertising major I think this an important concept to keep in mind for future endeavors.

2.  When you are stressed, drink and smoke

Ok, ok maybe thats not the lesson he was really trying to get across. But I think there is an important underlying meaning to what he was saying. It is crucial to find things you love to get through the days you are so stressed you want to cry. Although tennis, writing, or binge watching Netflix may be more appropriate, life catches up to all of us once in awhile, it is important to do the things that make us happy.

Last but not least,

3. Laugh it off

In the big picture how many of our little issues really matter? I find that a lot of time people, including myself get so caught up in the nuances that we forget to appreciate the little moments that make it all worth it. When life gets hard, your heart is broken or you feel a bit lost, frustrated or annoyed, sometimes the only thing you can do to keep it together is laugh it off.

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