Learn Something New – Rachel Kesseler


Day 30: Perspective

This morning we visited a company our instructor, Joe, works for called Design Bridge and met with executive creative director, David Annetts. Through international brand design, the agency aims to bring brands to life by way of great ideas that reach the right audiences. To do this, their philosophy focuses on great studio, great work, development, recognition, and reward through craft, originality, and story telling.

Often in the advertising world there is discussion surrounding the differences between art and design, and Mr. Annett began to clue us in to the big picture. In doing so, he said art is an accidental achievement while design is art with a purpose; design aims to communicate a specific message. To illustrate this, he showed us a photo of Nelson Mandela’s handprint after Mandela was working with ink on his hands (click the link to take a look). Mandela did not plan the results of his handprint – art. Had alterations been made to the image after his handprint was stamp, we would have design.

Mr. Annett highlighted another inspiring quote that was presented by a student who worked with Design Bridge a few terms ago. At the end of his time with the agency, he gave a wrap up presentation, and in the presentation he said, “Every project is a chance to become an expert in a new subject.” This really grabbed my attention, because I have never known how to put into words the reason I am so interested in advertising, but I think he summed it up perfectly for me. Every day is a new experience, and every project allows me the opportunity to research something new, get to know a new group of people, or learn a new technique.

After a tour around the office, we grabbed a quick lunch at a little outdoor café before our speaker from the UK Independent Party came to speak to us.

Tonight we have been invited to an event hosted by the MSU Alumni Association of London where we will have to opportunity to meet and network with alumni, staff members, and other students from or studying in London. I think it will be a really unique opportunity to meet a lot of people with one great quality in common – being a Spartan.

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