Opening up to New Things by Erin Steinberg



Today, I found out that design agencies and branding is actually something that is really interesting to me. Visiting Design Bridge, an independent agency in London, and meeting with the executive creative director there, David Annetts, really opened my eyes to a different side of the communications and advertising field that I have never really thought of before. I never really realized how cool it is to come up with concepts for branding and packaging and seeing everything that goes into it, because I never really thought about that side of the industry before. I was always pretty oblivious to branding and all of that, honestly. I know that companies have their brands and logos and how everyone tells them apart from other similar brands, but seeing how it all comes to life was a really eye-opening and fun experience, and it made me want to look into that side of the industry more, even though I am not the slightest bit artsy.

From the Johnnie Walker campaign.

One of the campaigns that they showed us that I thought was incredible, was something they did with Johnnie Walker. They showed us the video of the concept and I was so enthralled, and I think my jaw was on the floor. It was that awesome!

Another thing that I was not even the slightest bit interested in before today is British politics. I am not even all that interested in American politics, to be honest. But, the head of press of the UKIP (UK Independent Party), Gawain Towler, made it a bit more interesting for me. I think the main thing that I enjoyed learning about was how they deal with scandals of their candidates and party members, because we all know politicians love a good scandal.

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