Teamwork – By Taylor Bruske


Our day today started with a visit to Design Bridge, an ad agency that our leader works with. It was a really eye opening experience. I never thought I would want to end up at an agency but this company gave me a new perspective from the inside. I loved seeing how ideas were flowing from the managerial side to the creative side. I was blown away by the team work and collaborative efforts of the whole agency. After today I feel like I could be a part of a team like that in the future.

I really loved the walk through tour because I was able to see an up close and personal look at how much editing and tweaking is done each day to every project. The mock ups were everywhere and there were so many, it was cool to see all the possibilities. Since we were exposed to confidential material, between Design Bridge and their clients, we were asked to sign a disclosure agreement. We were also forced to delete all pictures we took because it was sensitive material. I didn’t think about it at the time but each mock up is a part of someone’s creative idea or creative solution to an advertising and must be protective until it is released. Another cool part of the door was seeing new products, mostly versions of brands we have in the US but slightly different. One that particularly caught my eye was Smirnoff Neon with a few different flavors. Today was eyeopening to possibilities of my career and once again it got me starting to get excited to join the work force.

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