Creative Branding by Ali Shuart


IMG_2930This morning we visited Design Bridge, which is an independent brand design agency. We listened to David Annetts, the executive creative director, tell us about his job and show us some of the work done by their company. They have many big clients, that I am not going to name because of the non-disclosure agreement, but have done amazing work all around the world. Branding is a really interesting area to me because there are so many details I would never think about that go into creating a reputation for certain products and companies. I want to work in public relations after school and this would involve image making and branding.OMR4405_David.Annetts1

~ ~

I do not so much have the creative ability to work in the design aspect of advertising, but hearing about it from David’s artistic perspective and the process they go through was fascinating to me. He explained how people do not want “matching luggage” anymore. What this means is the public does not want to see the exact same logos everywhere for a product, but they want a variety of products and advertising techniques. He kind of left it at that, but this caught my attention. Branding is all about consistency across mediums, so if people are getting bored of this then the creative directors have to look for new ways to brand products. In my opinion, this opens the door to new possibilities for even more advertisements and products to be created. At the same time though it increases work for the creative agencies like Design Bridge. It seems the technology of today is limiting creativity, and David mentioned this as an issue. People try to just do things on Photoshop and lose the motivation to create something unique. This is becoming increasingly difficult though as people are running out of ideas. A computer can only think so far before there is nothing left to be done.IMG_6666

~Part of the Tanqueray campaign in the lobby at Design Bridge~

There are advertisements everywhere we look whether it is on the street or product placement in a movie. We live in a commercialized world where companies have to get creative to set themselves apart from the advertisement on the next page of the magazine for essentially the same product. Design Bridge does this through “causing disruption” and “creating desire.” They try to create strong brands through their creativity and really immersing themselves in the product by doing research. We have heard time and time again how important it is to be passionate no matter what you do, and this is how Design Bridge has been so successful.

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