The Tale of the Ignorant Fish by Emalie Parsons


Picture this: we are fish, and social media is our ocean.

We are all ignorant fish, blowing bubbles in an endless ocean filled to the brim with other fish who, in accordance, blow bubbles as well. Billions of fish blowing trillions of bubbles; air trapped in the great depths of the ocean, until there is no room to breath.

Gavin Tower deals with this air every day, constantly popping the bubbles of ignorant fish who coincidentally have very little knowledge of the political world. Gavin is the Press Secretary for the U.K. Independent Party (UKIP), and admittedly drinks to handle the stress of mediating his idiot fish with their pompous bubbles.

Social media platforms gives a voice to the people in a way that other media forms including newspaper, magazines, television, and radio never have. Every thought, every image, and every theory can be published to the world wide web, the largest source of communication in history. The problem with this is the unavoidable sense of authority that comes with this maybe too helpful device. Whether people are educated on subjects or not, they believe it is their undying right to viciously argue their point and win opinions. Suddenly, everything is offensive, a sort of justice is to be served, and new copyright issues are a problem.

Gavin Tower smartly reminded us that “it is the water in which we swim, and yet we are fish that don’t know we’re wet.” People hide behind their computer screens and publish their opinions like anonymous communicators who are “not frightened by their own shadow.” How, then, does Gavin successfully manage his job?

“At times, you just have to laugh.”

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