A Shared Moment of Fame – By Danielle Duggan


Even though we’re living in an incredible city like London, the towns that are right outside of London continue to be just as enjoyable. Today we traveled briefly to Wimbledon, the home of the famous tennis champion. You would run out of fingers if you tried to count how many times the decorations of the town referenced tennis or strawberries and cream.

Along with walking around the adorable downtown, our group explored the outskirts of the tennis area of the town and explored the museum as well. The entire museum was well put together, fun to look around at, and included tons of information that interested even me, someone who knows almost zero about tennis.

Though the colorful pictures and displays were cool to look at, my favorite part was the 3D movie that was offered at the end of the museum. It included a reel of footage from various tennis matches at Wimbledon and ended with a series of winning clips. The players would be so overwhelmed with joy and emotion that the majority of them would fall onto their backs in the middle of the tennis court in disbelief. Each player celebrated in a different way, each making me smile a little more. The one that stood out the most to me was the celebration of Pat Cash in 1987.

After his victory, Pat climbed through the crowd to hug his family. I was so so moved by this brief little moment in the movie. So much of everything we all do derives from what our families have taught us and helped provide for us. To share his moment of fame and victory with the people who helped get him there instead of soaking it all in himself was very admirable.

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