Center of the Tennis World By Katie Hollemans


Everyone has heard the word, Wimbledon, at one time or another. If not, then here is a quick summary of what Wimbledon is. Wimbledon is the center of the tennis world, where each year for three weeks is the location of the tennis world finals. This is the place tennis players dream of competing at and eventually bringing home one of the many gold trophies at the end of the day. We took a trip to the town of Wimbledon and were able to have a glimpse of the arena where all the courts are placed. Unfortunately, due to the tournament starting in less than two weeks, workers were hard at work preparing the arena so we were unable to go on a tour of the courts. Instead we had the chance to visit the Wimbledon Museum and have a peak at the outside areas of the courts. The closest thing I know about tennis is how to play Wii Tennis, does that even count? But nonetheless, the museum was interesting and there was even a 3D movie to watch about the history of tennis, ah!

IMG_2728 IMG_2942

The advertising for Wimbledon was everywhere. Every light post had an advertisement with the logo for the tennis tournament, there were signs on the fences, and in the town itself there were signs in the local shops. This little town was very quiet and seemed like everyone keeps to themselves. However, when the three weeks of the tennis tournament takes place, the town is turned upside down. Media will be everywhere showcasing the town itself, while shooting footage of the matches as well. Other than the tennis tournament, Wimbledon is also known for their strawberry and cream delicacies. As luck would have it, the day we visited the restaurant that is known for serving it was closed due to the preparations for the matches. Sue, being the awesome professor she is, promised us that once we get back to Michigan State she will make sure to get us some. All in all, it was a great day with a lot of walking and tube (train) riding. I learned more about the world of tennis, and how advertising is used within the small town that encompasses the arena.

IMG_2727 th

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