Getting Lost: Round 22 by Sydney Horlacher


 photo IMG_4759.jpg photo IMG_4796.jpg photo IMG_4745.jpg

Today I, yet again, got turned around in the big, beautiful and complicated city of London. The best part about having a poor sense of direction is that I am always exposed to new places and experiences (even if it makes me late for an event). Today the tube took me to a not safe area in London. Immediately after stepping out of the tube station, I knew that I had made a mistake and that I was not where I had originally planned. I walked over to look at the map and to my surprise.. the map had been punched in and the glass surrounding it was all shattered. That was my que to get back on the tube and to retrace my steps. Luckily for me, almost all of the English people I’ve spoke to for help have been extremely friendly and willing to help. This adventure also led me to Trafalgar Square, which by the way may be one of my favorite landmarks in the city. The not too crowded area is great for relaxing and people watching. I was glad that in a  short amount of time, I was able to explore an entirely new part of the huge city. Getting lost today and many other days in the city has taught me to be more independent and alert to where I stand in the city. The best part is when ever I’ve been lost, I’ve always been able to find my way back. I think this study abroad trip to the United Kingdom has taught me the life lesson that getting lost is sometimes the most magical part of the journey.

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