Heart of Tennis – By Taylor Bruske



Today we visited the town of Wimbledon, the heart of the tennis world. It is where the tennis championships of the world is held every year, the dream of every tennis player to be invited. The tournament starts in less than two weeks so unfortunately we were unable to walk on the courts or even see them. The staff was hard at work setting things up and painting so everything will be perfect for the games.


Instead we were able to walk around the shop and go through the Wimbledon Museum. I don’t know a lot about tennis so it was an eyeopening experience. On display they had different outfits, rackets, balls that were used throughout history to show the progression.One of my favorite things I saw was a men’s locker room display with an interactive hologram talking about his career and explaining what life was like at the tournament. It was very realistic looking and it was a cool way to give an inside perspective on the pressure put on every athlete competing. It just goes to show how creatively new technology is allowing us to convey messages. I think this applies to advertising, with increased technological reach our messages can be closer tailored and direct. Especially in our new interactive ad campaign era, we have the freedom to think outside the box and make it a reality.

Overall our trip was entertaining and fun. It was yet another way to get inside the English culture by studying something that is dear to them.

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