I Once Found 27 Tennis Balls In the Back of My Car: by Nicole Jakubik


Once upon a time, I thought I could play soccer. One kick to the head and five year old me decided, meh, maybe not. And then I thought I could play softball. Which I did, for a while. I had one grand slam in my traveling softball career, and then my hand-eye coordination went down from there. Softball apparently wasn’t my calling either. And neither was volleyball. Tennis, however, now that was something I could do.

IMG_4006Somehow, I found a balance between needing to be coordinated enough and needing to be consistent enough. My high school tennis career was my glory days when it came to sports. Never again will I win a trophy for being good at a sport, but that’s okay because I have one in my room to prove that it happened one day. I never made it to states, and I’ll never go professional, but I had a few shining moments.

I know my first racket like the back of my hand. For two seasons, that racket saw many losses, a few important wins, and quite a few falls. It’s red, white, and black, and bears a “W” in the middle. It’s my limited edition Roger Federer racket and it might as well have been my first love. Roger Federer on the other hand, was the first athlete that I ever admired. The man has seven men’s singles wins at Wimbledon, and is the second ranked mends singles player in the world. I’ve watched him play several matches, and one of the first that I saw him in was the Wimbledon tournament about five years ago. He only made it to the quarter finals, but I was still stunned by his skill and technique.IMG_3991

Today, I got to actually seeWimbledon   . Even though the courts were closed in preparation for the tournament in a couple of weeks, it was still super cool to see one of the most famous sights for sports. Underneath the gift shop, Wimbledon houses a museum devoted to the history of tennis and the famous court’s relation to it. Within these walls, famous posters, racket, and outfits are on display for the public. My personal favorite? Maria Sharapova’s outfit that she wore when she won her first women’s singles title. IMG_3989

The entire day at Wimbledon, while short lived, reminded me of how much I loved getting out and doing something that I loved, just for the fun of it. And in a couple of weeks, I’ll have the television on waiting to see my favorite players bring home another title.


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