I wish I could say I was lost in translation- Kathleen Alexander


 photo IMG_9888.jpgI think that after these few short weeks in London, I got a little too confident in my navigation skills. I use the tube just about everyday, and finally don’t have to ask someone for help to get form point A to point B. However, today I had a little reality check. I ended up wandering around Westminster trying to find the hotel my mom was staying for a good hour or so. 

I figured its only 4 tube stations down the Bakerloo line, and then I can just ask someone where it is when I get off, it’ll be a piece of cake? But I seemed to forget how tricky all of these old and twisting road in London can be. It look for me to ask a local, a taxi driver, and eventually a hotel employee from another hotel, who was kind enough to print me a map along with the directions she gave me.

And finally, I found it.

It was so nice to see my mom who had come all the way from Seattle. The neighborhood she was staying in was very quaint, lots of old white buildings. We were close to Hyde park where we were able to walk about and enjoy some sun. We sat next to the water, and even saw some cute baby ducks waddling around with their mother. I’m very amazed by how many parks, and even just how much grass you can find in this big city. It’s nice that most neighborhoods have a near by park where you can get away from the city, and just have a picnic in the grass.

 photo IMG_9885.jpg

 photo IMG_9884.jpg

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