Matches & Markets – Rachel Kesseler


Day 31: Wimbledon and Notting Hill

Just twelve days before the opening matches at Wimbledon, we were able to visit the grounds and the surrounding village.  We visited the museum on the grounds and had a chance to walk through the gift shop where they are now carrying all of this year’s merchandise.

But how does this pertain to mass media?

The experience reminded me a lot of East Lansing, on a much larger scale.  In the fall, there is always the normal hustle and bustle of students going to class, work, and hanging out around Grand River, but game day weekends create an entirely different atmosphere, and bring in thousands of people.  Similarly, for 10 months out of the year, the village of Wimbledon is a quite, small town.  But come June and July, the media, the fans, the athletes, and everyone else involved in the renowned tournament flip the city upside down and completely transform it.  The restaurants are packed, the stores revenues increase, and a brand new energy is brought to the village.  It’s amazing what the media can do when it brings the small town to the forefront of peoples’ lives all over the world.

After a lunch with the whole group, we walked back to the tube station.  On the way there earlier this morning, we noticed one of the stops along the way was Notting Hill.  Having just watched the Julia Roberts movie for the first time a few weeks ago, a few of us decided to stop to walk around the market and try to find the blue door featured in the morning.  The market was full of different foods, jewelry, and souvenirs.  We stopped for freshly made Nutella and strawberry crepes – so good! Then d
id a little shopping before we came across the blue door from the movie.

Now that we have visited Wimbledon, I can’t wait to watch the upcoming matches to see if I recognize any of the places on tv.  And, Notting Hill is definitely on the must watch list for the plane ride home on Friday.  The trip has flown by, and I can’t believe tomorrow is already my last day.  It’s going to be hard to leave such an amazing city and all of the incredible people I’ve had to opportunity to share the past 5 weeks with.

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