One day in Wimbledon — By Yuanjie Jin


Last few days before the program end. We went to the Wimbledon to see one of the most famous tennis championships’ court. I am not a tennis fan, but since Wimbledon is so famous because of the tennis championships, I was so curious about how was that happened. By the way, I heard there are some really great strawberry & cream at there, which might be the most attractive thing to me.IMG_2723

unfortunately, we found out that since the game will begin soon, the actual game court will not open to the public. the only thing we could do were go shop for some souvenirs and go to the museum. Anyway, the museum was good. in the museum, mostly everything was about the history of tennis and history of Wimbledon. I was really interested by those old time tennis outfit, a lot of those even could not considered as sport outfit in nowadays’ prospective. People usually wear a long pants and a polo shirt for tennis. I can’t imagine what’s the feeling of playing tennis with dressing up outfit.


We were trying to find the strawberry & cream at there, unluckily, the strawberry & cream only available during the game week. I felt a little bit disappointed when I found out that, however, the point was this might be the last time that we can travel to somewhere as a group. It’s hard to believe that the program is about to end, everything during the trip was so great and it let me want to treat rest of the day more preciously.

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