Rallies and Rackets – by Jessica Kilmer


I played tennis growing up, so experiencing Wimbledon firsthand was an amazing experience. Tennis is one of those sports that can be played for years by people of all ages. That’s immediately what made me want to start playing tennis. Tennis has become a truly “global” sport. Thousands of tournaments are played in more than 200 countries!

Wimbledon is a quiet, quaint town within London, but it attracts hundreds of thousands of people to The Championships every year. The grounds are absolutely beautiful! I wish we could have seen exactly what the grass courts look like. In a few weeks, Wimbledon will be in full swing and people from all over the world will be watching amazing matches.

The Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum was really informative and interactive. Nearly every room had some type of display that was interactive. We learned everything from the number of balls that are used during the tournament to how tennis fashion has progressed through the years. We even had the chance to feel how heavy the trophies are for men and women! I walked away appreciating tennis more than ever and realizing how much work goes into Wimbledon each year to make it a success.

It’s amazing how a huge sporting event can transform a quaint town into an iconic hub for hundreds of thousands of tennis fans. Learning about the ins and outs of Wimbledon will make watching it on television that much better! The best of the best play at Wimbledon, so going to the grounds was an extraordinary experience.

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