Strawberries and Cream – By Andrea Gothard


Today we visited Wimbledon. If someone was not a tennis fan or simply living under a rock one would think that Wimbledon is just a quiet little town in London but really it is the Tennis heaven of the world. People come from long and far to see the Gods of tennis play for two weeks.


The Wimbledon tournament began in 1877 for men only. The women then joined the fun in 1884. As time went on the tournament grew but traditions stayed the same. The match is still played on a grass court and everyone in the crowed is wearing his or her nicest Sunday clothes and hat while eating strawberries and cream. When walking through Wimbledon today I had a hard time picturing the thousands of people who are about to take over the town in just a week’s time. Wimbledon seems quiet and simple, not necessarily the home for tennis champions. The way the media portrays the ambiance of the town is so interesting to me after being there. Media has such a huge effect on everything that we do and see. I am not an avid tennis fan or player but I know all about the Wimbledon tournament because of mass media. The players, the advertisements, the endorsements and so much more are all displayed proudly to expose the tournament to the world.


Today was a true display of the impact mass media can have on an event. The media flips the small town of Wimbledon upside down to create a glorious stage for tennis champions. I cannot wait to watch the tournament after being their today, while eating strawberries and cream of course.


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