The Calm Before the Storm by Erin Steinberg


When you think of Tennis, what place generally pops in your head? For me, it’s Wimbledon, which is where I got to go to today. It is a very small and quaint little town that you would not think would host such a huge event. I was walking around thinking “I cannot imagine how crazy this small town will be in two weeks when the tournament actually starts”.


There honestly was not much going on in Wimbledon when we were there. It was like the calm before the crazy storm that it is going to be in a week or two. I am sure there will be press and media everywhere, and it will probably be pretty difficult to get around. I can only imagine such a cute little town being transformed into such a huge, worldwide know event!



It was awesome and really surreal being in a place that is so well-known to the world that people watch on TV every year. Though, it was a little disappointing that we could not get in to see the courts because everything was blocked off due to the tournament being so close. We did get to go into the museum, however, and see how tennis has evolved over time. There were cases showing how the rackets, tennis balls, and uniforms have changed since the beginning. I thought it was cool seeing the signed uniforms that some of the champions wore, and wow, the Williams sisters and Roger Federer really need to give some of these other people a chance!

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