Wednesday at Wimbledon! by Emalie Parsons


Green and purple. Glowing yellow tennis balls. Strawberries and cream. White skirts and polo shirts. Fresh cut grass. A roaring crowd.

If you describe any of these phrases to a U.K. native, without a beat they will know you are referring to Wimbledon the largest tennis tournament. Located in between Southwark and Wimbledon village, the sport has become the center of their local cultures as everyone is not only involved in the sporting event, but also grows up playing tennis as well.

Not only has the sport taken over the social lives of the local occupants, but local advertising as well. Featured in the museum located below the Wimbledon gift shop, is an entire room dedicated to all the advertisements over the years that featured tennis. Advertisements for Coke, local produce, and baked goods used tennis to intrigue viewers as they walked past.

For example, one ad read “If this pork pie played tennis it would win Wimbledon” illustrating how central the tournament is to the culture in the U.K. Advertisements using this technique are very successful as they are not only humorous, but the create a mutual understanding with it’s audience. It is the detail they both have in common, and create a bridge of communication. It is also utilizes a short, funny phrase that individuals can repeat back to their friends as they laugh about it.

There are several advertising and marketing techniques used to broadcast Wimbledon. Even walking along the sidewalk leading through the town to the stadium, green and white flags adorn every lamppost.

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