Wimbledon & Notting Hill by Lauren Captain


Today we ventured off to Wimbledon, where one of the biggest sporting tournaments in the world is held. We were able to see the beginning of a sleepy town in England be transformed into a worldwide event. In just two short weeks the tournament will begin and the people will emerge to watch some of the best tennis players in the world compete. 
Since it is still two weeks away from the kickoff of the tournament, the advertising and signs for it we not really present. But then again, the name Wimbledon itself does not need much advertising. Because this tennis tournament is so large when I think of the name Wimbledon I don’t think of the individual town, but just the tournament which is actually called The Wimbledon Championships. When the actual games are going on recaps on the news, articles written and much more are portrayed throughout the media.

Today I also went to Notting Hill, another famous area of London by just hearing the name. People go here because of Julia Roberts and Huege Grants movie, “Notting Hill”. There were tank tops, tshirts and just about anything you can imagine with the movie cover of Notting Hill on it. Though most people go to Notting Hill because of its name regardless.

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