Today I walked across a road. It was the most surreal time I’ve had this trip. Because they were there. I had listen to them for my entire life. I’ve been in ancient buildings, up mountain overlooking entire cities. I’ve existed and taken in another culture and still, being there was the most time out of body experience there was. Because of THEM.

I love the Beatles.

It really was an amazing lesson in communication. Being at Abbott road was incredible. It was a simple, well-traveled road, but because of the fame of the Beatles, tourist seemed to flock to the crosswalk. There were more than one or two groups there. I had to take pictures and picture of different people, who wanted to walk like the Beatles did. All because of an album cover. What does it show about communication? Well, it’s not the album cover that’s special. It’s what the album cover represents.

The Beatles are a really marketable brand. Most people recognize them. I’ve listen to the Beatles my whole life. I’ve memorized quotes from their music. I’ve teared up listening to their music, watching videos promoting the love their songs spread. I’ve integrated it into my life. I’ve fallen in love time and time again. I even had a Beatles calendar once. The point of all this is to show how it doesn’t matter if it’s the smallest message in the world, if people can relate to it, if it’s been part of their life, they will identify with it.

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