A Grand Finale — By Sydney Ouwinga


IMG_2074For our grand finale and final class period, we very fittingly had a speaker from the BBC who works there as a reporter. I personally really like BBC News not only for the quality of unbiased news (something incredibly important to me that you really can’t find with American news stations) but also for the British accents because it makes the news sound just that much more interesting and classy.

What was really interesting was what Jean Mackenzie, our speaker, had to sayIMG_2067 about the competition levels with BBC News in the UK. By competition levels, I am referring of course to the nonexistent ones. It’s not really something I would think about, but when she brought up the fact that there are other news broadcasters, it took me by surprise for a minute. I mean, of course there are other news stations, but we never hear about them. BBC News is the big dog in the UK — even in the world. People from around the world look to it for reliable and trustworthy news, and it’s odd to think that some of those with such easy access to it that live in the United Kingdom would bother with other sources. It turns out that they don’t really. BBC is still on top by a long shot.

Being someone who often uses BBC News as their news source, I was IMG_2078IMG_2280glad to hear the rules that
they follow.

Rule 1: Accuracy

Rule 2: Impartiality

Rule 3: Taste and Decency

These are pretty good rules to work by as a news source, and are good confidence builders for their audience’s trust of them.

IMG_2061She also referenced the difference between UK news and US news as being that US news it an anchor based program where the anchor or anchors weave together the reporters’ stories, but UK news if far more reported based and led. I actually like that model better. Sometimes it is tiring staring at the same person for an hour while that rattle off some information. Maybe it’s time we switched over.

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