Cheers, London by Emalie Parsons


My final blog post. It feels a little weird, thinking that my five week adventure is coming to a close. I can’t believe the wild ride I have experienced here in the U.K. From learning how to navigate new cities, to managing transportation, to even trying new foods, I have learned more than I ever could have in text books.

Even more influential are the speakers we have been introduced to; real life people, working in mass media and their stories of how it all began. Today we heard from Jean, a reporter and journalist working for the BBC here in London. Her piece of advice that I found most memorable was “when you badger people enough, they sort of have to give in.” She used this exact technique to land her job.

I have collected more advice than I could’ve imagined, and have come to one collective takeaway point.

Do as much as you can, get experience in anything and everything.

There is one undeniable trait that employers cannot turn down, and that is ambition and determination. No matter what, the more you do to better yourself will exemplify not only your work ethic, but a more universal way of thinking. So many of the successful working men and women we met go to where they are today because of their determination to achieve their goals. So many of them started doing jobs they did not intend to be doing, and yet with hard work they were able to climb higher and higher.

You can achieve the highest level of education, but at the end of the day real life experience is something that cannot be taught in books. I intend to take as many job opportunities as I can in my upcoming career, knowing that they will lead me towards the life I desire.

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