Do We Really Have to Leave? – by Jessica Kilmer


Today marked our last day in the classroom at Regent’s University. It has been an amazing trip with great opportunities. Through the course, every speaker had something to offer and said something that we will use in the future. Our final speaker of the trip was Jean Mackenzie, a broadcast journalist and reporter for the BBC.

Jean is a great speaker and presenter. I was engaged the entire time she talked about the BBC. She explained to us how truly different broadcast news is in the UK compared to the US. I was not aware that there is a very strict code for television news in the UK to prevent bias. The BBC can present other people’s opinions, but they have to remain unbiased. They base every story on accuracy, impartiality, and taste/decency, which makes the BBC quite unique.

She also gave us tips that can be useful in other careers besides journalism. She explained the importance of asking open-ended questions and really listening to people’s answers. Every question should feed off of the individual’s previous answer. This method allows you to learn much more about the person and feel more like a typical conversation.

Before arriving in the UK, I had only heard about the BBC on a few occasions, and I certainly didn’t realize how huge it really is! There really isn’t anything quite like the BBC in the United States, so it was really interesting to learn about it. There are so many news outlets around the world, but each one has a different set of values and ways of sharing their stories. In the blink of an eye our trip has come to an end, and I can’t help but be a little sad. I definitely don’t think this will be my last trip to the UK!

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