Is It Really Over? By Ali Shuart


Being a U of M student on a MSU trip was a little intimidating at first, but I would not have had it any other way. I made lifelong friends on this trip and I cannot believe today was our last day of classes. Spending the day in bed with food poisoning was less than ideal, but I still have one more day to explore London with my parents. Then it is off to Germany and Switzerland!

By some miracle I was able to drag myself out of bed to listen to our last speaker this morning, Jean Mackenzie, who is a broadcast journalist for BBC. She ran through the values of broadcast journalism and how the future of TV news is changing due to a high demand for content and the rise of Internet television. Jean was an amazing woman with a lot of experience in broadcast journalism. She works for one of the most prestigious companies in the world and is good at what she does.

Jean emphasized the importance of being versatile in her job. She has had to learn how to film, write, and edit all of her news packages because these are no longer separate positions. We have had other speakers tell us this same thing, and this resonates with me because my major is so broad. In the Communications major at Michigan there is a wide-array of classes to take from journalism to economics. This is valuable to me because I am able to learn skills I would not have otherwise if my major were more focused. It seems that the degree you graduate with does not really matter because you always end up doing something different. The majority of people we talked to have said their University degree is way different than their jobs now. This is reassuring to me as I only have a few years until I enter the work force because it shows how I can follow my passion and not be confined necessarily to what I studied in college.

Thanks for a great trip Sue, Troy, and Joe!

(Sorry for the lack of pictures, no more room to upload)

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