Last Class by Lauren Captain 


Last Class by Lauren Captain
Unfortunately, this morning was our last class day in London. Time flys when you’re having fun, and actually learning as well and that was what this whole trip has been about.
This morning we had a television journalist, Jean Mackenzie. She worked for the BBC and does the special stories for them. This showed me a new perspective from a broadcast journalist because this spectrum of journalism is not something that originally interested me. 
What Jean had to offer was great interviewing skills and questions. She called these skills the “QAQA” – the question answer, question answer. It means to have each question just bounce right after one another and continue the interview smoothly. 
Today after speaking with Jean I ventured over to the Shoreditch area, a place I was dying to go back to from last year. This is the Wicker Park (Chicago) of London. It’s young, hip and trendy on this side of town. I absolutely love it. What is really interesting about Shoreditch is that there is a certain vibe and feel when you enter this area. What you notice right away is the graffiti everywhere and around each turn. This isn’t gang related graffiti, it’s rather just art. I hate to use this term, but it is an artsy area and this is one way people express themselves. I thought this was a way of communication as well, people showing what they have and offered its sights to the public. 
After being on this trip made me realize how much mass media surrounds our everyday life, whether we think about it or not. 

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