No, Reddit Does Not Count As a News Site: by Nicole Jakubik


Today I had my third date with BBC, which means things must be getting pretty serious.

I’m kidding, but only barely. Like I’ve said before, I love the BBC. A lot. Like a lot a lot. I think most of that is because of the way they report news with integrity and how they do so in an unbiased fashion. They even have videos talking about how they try to always be factual and unbiased in their reporting. BBC is so open with their values and policies, and they do what they do because they know they’re there to serve the public.

I don’t have cable at school, so I don’t watch a lot of news for majority of the year. When I get my news, it’s usually in the form of an online story that has already been filtered through the masses, or it’s on TV when I’m at my parent’s house. Whichever outlet I choose to get my news from, it’s biased. Every news outlet that I could look for in America has a filtered opinion. I honestly believe that people would become severely more educated and informed by a successful and unbiased news outlet like the BBC. While some organizations might still be unbiased, they aren’t as popular as Fox News or MSNBC. As someone who doesn’t check the news that often, when I do, I would like to have as many facts without opinions as possible, so that way I feel more educated about the subjects.

Jean MacKenzie, a reporter for the BBC, spoke to us today about the policies and ethics that the BBC holds. Not only does every reporter have to hold to these standards, they also have to abide by the mantra “accuracy over speed”. With the case of the London Underground bombings a few years ago, the BBC had to make the decision of whether or not to go public with suspicions of terrorism. The BBC made the wise decision to wait until it was confirmed that the situation was indeed terrorism and not just electrical faults, which for a while put them under fire for a slow response. Had the BBC reported suspicions of terrorism when it could have only been electrical issues, the public could have gone into widespread panic and terror. This would have caused so many issues, and the BBC would have lost a lot of credibility for a very long time. In cases like this, it’s better to wait for the facts to be confirmed, rather than rushing to be the first with a story.

It’s practices like this that make me have such a high respect for the BBC. If anything, this trip, hearing several speakers from the BBC, and touring the Scotland studios has only made this respect grow.

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