Reporting Live at Regents by My Ha


Today is the last day for our study abroad trip and the last speaker came. Her name is Jean MacKenzie and she is a broadcasting journalist for BBC. She told us about BBC and it’s morals. Accuracy, impartiality, taste and decency. BBC has to be 100% accurate about its news before it is broadcasted live, so speed is not as important as accuracy of the story. Impartiality is about how BBC does not have an opinion. Taste and decency is about putting the right material to broadcast because if the images are too distressing or affects the audience in a horrible way, they don’t want to broadcast it. BBC will keep some information from harming the audience in any detrimental way. 
  I thought her story was important in understanding all of broadcasting companies in the UK and around the world. It seems that broadcasting news is similar and the standards that are put out there affect all around the world. She also had good tips on giving interviews as a journalist. 

  This study abroad trip is coming to an end. It doesn’t really feel like it for me because I will be heading towards France in a couple of days, but I am sad that the program is coming to a close. This experience has been an academic challenge because we were busy with traveling, lectures, speakers, blogs and essays every day. However, it felt like a vacation because every day was an adventure. I can’t believe it is coming to an end. I have met so many new friends and had such an amazing time with each and everyone of them. I would not trade this experience for anything else because it has given me a new perspective on how media affects people in different ways. 

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