That’s a Wrap! by Sydney Horlacher


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And just like that, our 5 weeks of studying mass media in the United Kingdom has come to an end! Although we still have 2 days to get our last-minute souvenir shopping and site seeing done, we are done with the academic portion of the course. We ended on a really great note with a lecture from Jean Mackenzie, a broadcast journalist from BBC. She was very upbeat and explained a lot of things about the broadcast journalism business in the United Kingdom in comparison to the United States. She taught us that he BBC has 3 main principle in which their business is reliant on. These values are accuracy, impartiality, and taste and decency. The BBC believes wholeheartedly that accuracy is more important than speed, and that they will never publish news to their viewers unless they are absolutely certain all of the facts stand true. This is refreshing to hear because many journalists are more worried about being the first to get the news out, rather than worried about rumors spreading. This also speaks volumes about how important having a good and honest reputation is for the BBC. Impartiality is another really important trait for a broadcasting corporation to obtain for many reasons. They share all opinions with their viewers and leave it up to them to formulate their own views and opinions. I really wish the United States would operate on this sort of system instead of having the biases broadcasted on the media. Lastly, they make sure that everything they expose to the public is appropriate. Their policy is that if it will help tell the story or enhance the experience, then it should be included but it should otherwise not be put in. Overall, I really enjoyed listening to a young professional like Jean Mackenzie share her insight from the media industry with us. And just like that.. It’s a wrap!

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