That’s a Wrap – Rachel Kesseler


{Sitting here trying to figure out where the past five weeks have gone…}

Day 32: Last day, best day

I didn’t want to wake up to my alarm this morning knowing it was my last full day in London, but when I finally allowed myself to get past that, I got ready and headed to the classroom for our last speaker, Jean Mackenzie.  She is a broadcast journalist and came in to speak to us about British broadcasting media.

Her experience at BBC has brought her close to the company’s values, and the three values she chose to share with us and elaborate on fit across all areas of media.  In no specific order, the BBC focuses most of its attention on accuracy, impartiality, and taste and decency.  Keeping up the standard of the three of these is becoming increasingly difficult with the introduction of internet and the easy access all people have to information.  The most concerning part of public information usage is the fact that anyone can publish any story at any time, so it is often hard to determine the truth when turning to the internet for information.

That is the exact reason broadcast journalism is set apart from internet articles and news stories.  In broadcast journalism and reporting, the sound bits come from real  interviews.  The interviewees words cannot be manipulated in the same ways words can be changed or reinterpreted through writing.

We have been called the “Netflix generation” who wants “bite-size news.”  So how does the news industry tailor to the needs of its viewers?  Internet stories are one way to do so, but because the BBC is publicly funded through the license fee, there is no room to produce more coverage or more material on the same budget.  The news world is in the midst of major changes regarding content availability and quantity as well as the downfall of scheduled programming.  It will be very interesting to see where the future leads the industry.

After our speaker and a few final words from Sue and Joe, we all went our separate ways to cram in the last couple things we wanted to do before leaving.  a few of us decided to go to Shoreditch (think Wicker Park in Chicago).  We at lunch at BoxPark – old box cars stacked on each other with different types of food in each. t was a really cool environment.  Then we walked around the graffitied town and stopped into some vintage clothing markets and boutiques.  When the energy levels started to die down we found a cute little cafe on a back street in a more residential part of the area.  We sat outside and hung out for a while playing with the owner’s 10 week old kittens and talking about how much we have done and experienced over the past five weeks.

It really was the trip of a lifetime, and the experiences I’ve had will stay with me for the rest of my life.

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