The Final Blog by Erin Steinberg


First of all, wow, I cannot believe today was our final day of class; our last speaker. It is crazy to think about. This whole trip honestly flew by so quickly. It feels like I landed in Dublin so long ago, but yet here I am, writing my final blog post, and what an adventure it has been.

Our last speaker was a woman by the name of Jean Mackenzie, who is a broadcast journalist for BBC News. She seems like she is so successful, yet she is still so young. It is crazy, and I hope I am able to do that with my career.

The BBC is obviously so huge and such a big part of Britain, which is why we have now had three speakers for it, which I do not mind at all. I have learned so much about a company that I had obviously heard of beforehand, but really did not know that much about, but now I feel like I could tell you so much.

While, I am not a journalist, I feel like I learned some pretty important lessons today outside of journalism, and also about journalism in case I ever decide I do want to go into that field (however, not likely, because it just is not me). However, Jean taught us some very helpful information about interviewing. She taught us what is called “QAQA” (which means “question, answer, question, answer”, and basically told us that to be a good interviewer, every question should be fed from an answer that your interviewee gives you to keep the interview more involved and personal rather than methodic and formulated. I feel like this is a skill that will help me in the future no matter what I go into.

One final overarching thing I learned, not only today, but throughout this whole trip, is to work for what you want. Do not be lazy and expect things to be handed to you. Have passion, and go out there and get it! And I think that is something that will really help my in my future endeavors.

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