The Last Day – By Andrea Gothard



Today was our last day of class. I am so incredibly sad to see this trip come to an end but it could not have been more fun. I have learned so much more than I ever thought I would and have met so many amazing people along the way. Today Jean Mackenzie came to speak with us. She is a television broadcasting journalist for The BBC. 

Jean talked to us about her career and the day to day challenges she faces. The most interesting thing to me was hearing her talk about how the BBC gets funding and the competitions it faces. The BBC is funded by the government. In England people have to buy a TV license to watch television. The fee paid to get the license goes directly to the BBC. Because of this the BBC does not have commercial advertising because they don’t need the money that comes from advertising. In some ways this gives the BBC an advantage on the competitors, one being that there are simply no annoying ads that the viewers have to put up with and the other is that they have a simpler way of funding and don’t have to deal with ad agencies. The disadvantages to this though is that as time goes on scheduled TV is slowly coming to an end and less people are buying TV licenses, thus decreasing the funding the BBC gets. With DVR, Netflix, Hulu and many other internet sites the viewer can watch what they want when they want to.

Jean was very interesting to listen to and was a great speaker. Even though I am not a journalism major it was cool to see how much she does on a day to day basis. I cannot believe that was out last time in class. I have had such an amazing time on this trip and I will never forget it.


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