what’s really important in journalism — By Yuanjie Jin


because of the Internet and mobile device, now you read the News everywhere, and  number of the media that run the news become more and more. However, the things that really can grab people’s attention are always about celebrities, scandals, or anything that can be considered as more entertained. So, is that what people really want? is that what we really need to care day to day? is that correspond to our value?

Today’s speaker Jean Mckenzie from BBC gave us some great points about what is really important to journalism, as the opinion in BBC’s value. first one is ACCURACY, the competition between different broadcast company is really hard, so every one wants to be the first one who report the important news. This situation made some group became too competitive and forgot that as a journalism profession, you need to be responsible for what you said and be truthful with public. In the other words, you need to have evidence for every single piece of facts that you are about to broadcast. Second one is IMPARTIALITY. You can’t give audience your own opinion about the fact, because your words will have a huge influence on public, and you are not always right. Public should generate their own opinion after they received the facts. Third one is TASTE and DECENCY. Of course, TV broadcast should depends on public’s interest, so we have entertainment show. However, you always need to do something that really matter and valuable, which might be seen as a boring news. Journalism is respected because public believe it can give us the truth and the things that important.

Media is changing, the way to communicate is changing, however, it doesn’t mean that you can drop the things that were considered as valuable for a really long time, because that is the part that make our society matter.

Jean Mckenzie

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