Where’d The Time Go? By Katie Hollemans


Where did the past five weeks go?! It seems like yesterday I was arriving in Dublin for an adventure of studying in the United Kingdom for five weeks. Now here I am, having my last day of class and preparing to leave early Saturday morning. Time really does fly when you are having fun. Words can’t describe the cultural experiences, independence of maneuvering my way through a foreign country, and all the insight I learned from these past five weeks. I am thankful for all the people I met and the places I saw.

IMG_5119 IMG_0588

For the last day of class we heard Jean MacKenzie, who is a broadcast journalist for the BBC. She works for the BBC London News section and was previously a radio journalist for the BBC as well. She gave us the advice to keep gaining as many skills for the media industry that we can. Technology is always changing and with that jobs will come and go, but making sure you know how to do anyone’s job is the key for success. Along with news it is important for all information broadcasted to be accurate. Without accuracy, the BBC would ruin its reputation for providing the public with truthful news stories.


After class it was a beautiful day outside, so of course we headed to the Borough Market to grab a bite to eat and walk along the Thames River downtown. After we were walked out we headed to Abbey Road to see where The Beatles began. A few of us tried to recreate the Abbey Road walking across the street, but it was difficult with the vast amount of cars plowing through. Needless to say it was pretty cool to be at the Abbey Road Studios and experience where The Beatles used to record their music firsthand. The day ended on a great note with me being able to meet up with my uncle who is in London for a few days. Ending the day walking around Picadilly Circus eating gelato was the perfect ending to the last day of class. I really can’t believe it is already time to head back to America. Wow, how time flies!

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