American Cultures in the United Kingdom by My Ha


I will be comparing the cultural differences and its relevance to mass media between the United States and United Kingdom. Creating mass media in the United Kingdom and the United States of America is about storytelling and communicating that story to a target audience. In order to communicate, understanding the culture of each place is essential in effectively capturing the audience’s attention. 

I started to notice that after listening to UK speakers talk about their careers. They all talked about statistics within the UK compared to the USA. They probably did that to engage us by mentioning the United States to the UK since our program is from America. For example, the population, the diversity, the work ethics are different than USA. They talked about their schooling, which is shorter than USA’s college. Three years in University compared to 4-5 years in USA. They also had to know which path they wanted to take and follow through with it. It was also encouraged to have internships and stick to one path. USA is more open to changing majors and figuring out what you want to do with your life, but spend money on their education. College is free in the UK for residents. However, I also saw similarities between the two. For example, being curious and hardworking always gets you somewhere. You just have to be persistent in the things you do and never give up. The path leads toward a good job and to make sure to love what you do. 
The United Kingdom and the United States of America come the same ancestries, but developed two different societies and cultural values. As you travel from one country to another, the differences are more distinct. I have felt that distinctiveness coming to the UK. The history and significance of UK is more prominent and idolized than America. When I listen to school kids study on the train, they recited the history of England verbatim. It was a lot different than when I was a kid, and not knowing the importance of our country’s history. Back then, it was just a subject to study, not the way of life. The UK is more aware of it’s surroundings and want to create a sufficient world to live in. Conservation efforts are more prominent than USA and makes us seem ignorant to the environment. 
Like Golley Slater and Design Bridge advertising companies, they have to do research about their target market to understand the behaviors of their clients. Although they are a global company, they have a lot of local clients that they cater to. United Kingdom is diverse, so without research, the campaign will not efficiently persuade consumers to buy or use a product. In United States agencies, they are becoming global and have similar strategies as the United Kingdom. The process is the same, with different research and execution for each campaign. 
I came into this study broad program expecting to be more aware of the outside world besides the US, but I have also learned more about the US here than I have learned in school. English is 90% of the world’s primary language, so it isn’t new to hear. However, in London, every two feet you walk, you will hear a different language. When we toured Google, Jennifer Thompson, an MSU Alumni told us her colleagues speak as much as 3 different languages on average. That is why UK is diverse and is growing exponentially. 
In America, the entertainment industry is huge. Hollywood, NYC, Chicago and other big cities are well-known all around the world because of it’s reputation in the entertainment industry. Everyone from everywhere wants to make it big in America. In London, broadway is a huge business for the entertainment enterprise. There are advertisements for shows everywhere in the tube stations and as you walk in the streets of London. Cinemas are more popular in the US, but broadway is more popular in the UK. I compare the UK to traditional media where as USA is social media. 
The speakers in the UK mentions the one thing to learn is understanding social media. The internet has opened a new market for communication and it is now becoming essential in businesses to strive. They told us that it is informational to be able to understand the impact social media has on people and learning skills you have never thought of learning before is crucial to the future of this business. 
Being in the UK for five weeks has helped me be aware of my surrounding in terms of advertising. How every ad has a reason for being at that location or what the process was before placing an ad where it is placed. Each ad placement has a specific purpose and strategy used to enhance the spread of information to the public. I know understand where the money from ads come from and why a huge amount of money needs to be used in order to create a great quality advertisement. 
Every museum we walked into has a certain way of communicating to the person looking at the artifacts. The signs shows people where to go and which exhibit to see. It helps increase efficiency of touring and creating a comfortable environment for the consumer.
The architecture of a building also influences how people feel and see things. Realizing that a design of something enhances the experience of the consumer and employees is also important.
This experience has been so amazing and I can’t believe it is all over. I have learned to look at things closer than ever before and notice more details than I ever did before. Architecture, advertisements, signs, communication, story telling are all a part of the mass media and it’s influence on each culture. Whether it is USA or the UK or Asia, each location has its uniqueness and history. I have a more open perspective about the mass media and see the potential it has to grow in the future. 

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