Oh the places you’ll go and the people you’ll meet! (London paper 4) by Raquel Izzo


Sadly all good things must come to an end. I wish it did not feel like the ending of this is coming so soon but I have had the time of my life here on my study abroad in the United Kingdome. I have been to 5 different countries in 5 weeks, I have torn up my meet so much that I feel like I don’t want to walk for a least a week after I get back, I have blisters in places where no one should have blisters, my back is a little sore from the beds, I definitely do not have a great sleeping schedule but I have made both memories and friendships that will last a lifetime! I would definitely not trade my time here for anything. The pictures I have taken, the places I have seen, the mountains I have climbed, and the things I have written about. It will all be apart of something I will hold on to forever.


While being here in London I was so excited to be in a big city. I love the city life, the hustle and bustle of action and people. Being here reminded me of New York or LA. It was everything I wanted it to be and more!


Going around London we saw that a big part of their communication was on big TV screens in the Oxford Circle area, to me that area was like the New York of London. They had shopping everywhere you looked! Even the windows for the shops had movable screens or color manikins. Anything they could do to get your attention. They had tall and ‘loud’ windows that showed off what they had and so the rich and famous would want to come over and buy things from the store, and on the other side of the street they would have smaller windows with not so much stuff so that the homeless people would not want to come over.

IMG_2367_2  IMG_2998

In the Oxford/Piccadilly area is the Broadway are. They have so many shows going on all the time. A lot of the advertisement for the shows come from the big screens in the area, from big posters, and the majority that I saw came from the tube stations. I swear everywhere I looked I saw something promoting a show. Even going up and down the escalator they would be on the wall going up and down with you. Also not just plays but movies, TV shows, clubs to go to, restraints to eat at, It was amazing to see.


I feel like the whole city was just one big advertisement for things going on. Wither it be shows, clubs, and different attractions to see. You can do on a big red bus and they have things called the hop on hop off tours and they take you all around the big touristy spots that London has to offer. There are many advertisements for those rides and even on busses or cabs they will have things. The first day I was here I saw this huge bus that was covered in one whole advertisement about the Harry Potter experience and I thought it was so awesome and it made me want to go so badly. I think that when you are in a hurry and your not thinking to hard about something and you see an advertisement like that it grabs your attention because you were not focused on one thing. That’s what makes the advertisement so cool, you don’t have to look at it for long to make you notice it. Just like the ones in the tube station, they come fast but just slow enough to make you stop and look at it and say maybe I want to go there or I should look into that. I know that because that is exactly what happened to me!

The typical red bus in London

Being here in London has shown me so much, and it has really opened my eye up to the advertising world and what I want to do with it. I feel like at home we don’t really advertise to much on things unless it is on TV, and weirdly enough I have not watched any TV while I’ve been here. Now I have watched things on my computer but I mean actual TV with commercials and advertisements. So everything I have seen has been from busses, cabs, the tube, the big screen in Oxford Circus. I feel like in a way everything is advertising something. I wish that back in the U.S we had more things like that. Especially the transportation system, I feel like it would be so much easier to get around, and you could show off things easier like advertisements for games, or restaurant, or concerts that may be happening around town.


My time here in the United Kingdome and a short side trip to Amsterdam is one that I will never forget, the places I have been able to go to and see, the people I have been able to experience it all with, the late nights and early mornings, it was all worth it to be able to do what I love, travel, write, and be able to think more about what I want to do with my media carrier. I cannot wait to get home and out what I learned here to good use. To be able to talk with very high up people in the kinds of business that I want to be a part of is pretty much a once in a lifetime opportunity. The things we have been able to do like tour the BBC and ITV from behind the scenes, talking to big time broadcast journalists, meeting and talking to the President and marketing director for Warner Brothers in the UK! Josh Berger. I will never forget the memories that I have made on my amazing time on study abroad! So until next time U.K!

“Enjoy the little things in life… for one day you’ll look back and realize they were the big things.”

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