The Belfast Divide


The peace wall dividing two areas of Belfast by religion (Protestants and Catholics) and nationality.

By Emma Fleming

To start off, I only feel it’s right by telling everyone I did make it to the hotel without any complications thankfully. The currency situation is confusing me a little considering I think I’m spending $10 on a salad, but in reality its closer to $15 salad which I couldn’t get over because it was the size of my fist and filled with more onions than lettuce. Clearly I can’t get over that…I might be a little bitter still? Anywho, day three in Belfast was the first day we’ve had an organized tour guided by Black Cab Tour Group. We went all around the city and looked at murals and memorials. To start off, our driver said that there are 17 gates around the city that divide two areas. They close at 6 P.M. every day and there is no way to get through to the other side of the city after these are closed. I was beyond concerned at this and thought to myself, “What if you go to dinner on one side of the city and live on the other?” Well, I learned that you would have to drive around MOUNTAINS to get to the other side, which is just insane. Eventually, we came up to the peace wall of Belfast. This wall was supposed to stay up for 6 months in order to keep peace between Protestant and Catholic neighborhoods and keep certain people out. However, this wall has been up for 47 years and is now filled with graffiti and quotes similar to the one shown in the picture above. Once again, I imagined what it would be like if there were a wall built between my neighborhood or even bordering states just because of opposing religions or nationalities. Like the picture below says, I “hope this falls down one day in peace”. In order to really integrate these two groups of people, some major change needs to happen and having this wall is preventing it in more ways than one.

Many quotes like this are written by tourists, citizens, and many celebrities including Bill Clinton, the Dalai Lama and Lady Gaga.

Belfast day three…complete! Now it’s time for some food, hopefully something that will fill me up and doesn’t include a pound of onions!

Mural honoring a Protestant assassinator. He looks like Channing Tatum to me which is bizarre. Even more crazy that he’s a hero to some, and an enemy to people less than a mile away.

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