Traveling by Air, Ground, and River

Landing in Budapest

Traveling by Air, Ground, and River

By Troy Hale

 Traveling is always a challenge. I really love to travel and visit different countries. The only problem, I have to get on a plane. Traveling can be really exhausting. After a 2 hour bus ride to the airport, checking in, a 2 hour wait at the airport, an 8 hour flight to Amsterdam, a 2 hour flight to Budapest, a 30 minute bus ride, I finally made it to the riverboat (small ship) in Budapest that will be my home for the next 2 weeks.

Me at the Amsterdam Airport.  3 hour layover.

I’m traveling on my trip at the same time my students are first experiencing the MSU Mass Media in the UK program. I landed in Budapest the same day that they landed in Belfast. My colleague Sue Carter is leading the first part of the Mass Media program, and I will take over the program in early June. This allows me to meet up with my own parents to travel through Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, and the Netherlands.

My father and I on the ship.

Traveling with friends and family is one of the greatest experiences of my life. This is one of the reasons that I chose to lead a study abroad program. Seeing people first experience a different culture is such a great feeling for me. I love being able to give the gift of travel to others. One of my students in a past program enjoyed her study abroad so much, that she decided to challenge herself to visit 21 countries before she was 21. She was successful, and thanked Sue and I for helping her start her travels.

On the ship traveling past the Parliament in Budapest

So, my adventure begins at the same time my students adventure begins. I hope that they will get just as much out of their experience as I will.

Our program is about Mass Media communication, and that is what our blog is all about as well. The great thing about today’s technology & communication, I get to watch their trip though the UK from my trip in Europe. I’m sure if you are reading this blog, you are following this trip from the USA or UK. The world is such a small place today.   I look forward to watching their trip in the UK, and seeing their blogging and writing skills from my seat here on this moving hotel through Europe.

I wish the students good blogging , and good reading to the rest of you. Thank you for following us through our journey.

Budapest, Castle District





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