Bye Belfast


By Jasmine Watts


Belfast is widely known for its ship building industry. This industry brought Belfast wealth, enterprise, and people. To my surprise, the Titanic was one of the many ships built in Belfast. I love how so many things in Belfast are dedicated to the Titanic. There is even a Thai food place named “Thai Tanic“.

This is our last day in Belfast so of course we had to go to the Titanic Museum, the largest Titanic exhibition in the world. I’ve been excited about going to the museum since we rode past it our first day. I haven’t seen the Titanic movie since I was a little girl, so I vaguely remember it, but the museum brought back so many memories and taught me even more.

The Titanic Museum

The museum was very interactive. It included a guided tour, a ride, a movie, games, maps, replicas and more. It was far more than what I expected it to be. The tour took us from the beginning, building the ship, the cost, labor, conditions, to seeing what it was like to be a passenger on the ship, then the sinking of the ship and where it is today. It was interesting but also sad to hear and read the accounts of its passengers. A nine year old boy, was a passenger on the Titanic immigrating from Detroit, my hometown. I was in awe looking at the replicas and seeing how the ship fell. The tour guide struck a nerve when he said the ship collapsed from 10 stories to one story, demonstrating by comparing it to taking a pop can and stepping on it. I started to imagine what it was like to be on the ship, the museum made it easy to do that, as I felt I was there. The museum was so cool and I’d love to go back. I wish all learning could be that easy and enjoyable.

Me in front of the Titanic Museum

We didn’t want to stop our learning at that tour though. We took advantage of our 48 hour city tour bus passes to go on a castle tour. The scenery was breathtaking and we learned all about the history of castles in Northern Ireland. Our last day in Belfast was educational and fun. I’d love to stay but ready to explore the rest of the UK!

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