Bye, Bye Beautiful Belfast

Titanic Museum, Belfast, Northern Ireland // 17 May 2016

by: Marisa Ruggirello

Song of the Day: My Heart Will Go On // Celine Dion

Today’s adventure began in 1912 as we made our way to the relatively new Titanic museum in Belfast. The museum was opened in 2012 to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the infamous ship’s fateful first and only voyage. The museum

White Star Line advertisement

itself was designed to resemble the Titanic itself. Each of the points of the building are built to size of the bow and when viewed from above, each of the points create a white star, paying homage to the historic ship building company, White Star Line.

The museum was beautiful and is something I would recommend to anyone planning on visiting Belfast. It began with explaining the Belfast Boom and how textiles became the main export. It then went over every detail of the Titanic, including blueprints. Seeing how technology and techniques have changed over the last 100 years was a
bsolutely mind blowing. The museum also had an exhibit on the different types of movies that have been made based on the ship. It was interesting to see how many of the fictional movies and stories have been portrayed as romantic, when the actual experience was anything but. It goes to show you the power of media.

After finishing at the museum, we decided to take advantage of the afternoon and our last day in Belfast and partake in the Belfast Castle tour, and my goodness was it an experience.

Belfast Castle, Belfast, Northern Ireland // 17 May 2016

The views were absolutely breathtaking. It was unlike anything that I had ever seen. You could look out onto the water and see some of the landmarks on the other side. And it something that I would have never experienced had we not gone out on our own and explored.

Tomorrow morning we leave for a three day tour across Western Ireland and finally land in Dublin on Friday. So, thank you Belfast for being beautiful, wonderful and more than I could have expected. On to the next adventure!


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