Browsing Belfast


By Holly Harestad

Today marks our FOURTH day in Ireland. I really do not know how time is already seeming to fly by so fast but I really wish it would slow down. We started out our day getting up the earliest we have yet (8:45am… I will survive) and hopping into taxis to go to the Titanic museum. I wasn’t sure what to expect exactly, however I had seen the exterior on the bus tour the previous day and it looked very new and super artsy.


And it obviously, did not disappoint. We began the tour watching visuals and learning a little bit of the history of why and how the Titanic came to be, in the city that we had been exploring so much of. It was interesting to learn that Belfast was an extremely popular and known for its linen production. This would later be helpful in the production of linen for the 3,000 passengers and crew that would aboard the Titanic in later years. As we walked through the building, there is an outlook from the top that had many interesting outlooks such as where the actual ship had been docked, tested out, and assured that it was the “unsinkable.” Also from the view, the ship production company Harold & Wolff, that is still in business today, largely recognized by the ginormous cranes outside their establishment.

As we walked through more of the tour, one of the most influential things that struck me was one of the rooms we walked into that had audio of real survivors talking about their experiences and how truly devastating this tragedy was. Along with the audio, there were posters that showed messages being relayed from the Titanic to other ships. One that stuck out to me the most was a series of incoming message warning the Titanic to beware of icebergs. The Titanic was fed up with all of the warning and replied “Shut up! You are jamming my signal, I am working a cape race.”

The entertainment they provided throughout the tour really helped to make us feel like we were the ones experiencing what went into making, being, and sinking on the Titanic. From the Titanic ride, tour guides explaining more in depth about the surrounding area, to the deep sea movie that showed what explorers of the ship had found at the very bottom of the ocean, it was all very intriguing. Overall, the trip was extremely informative and was nice to know more in depth about the unsinkable ship that sink, rather than just the Jack and Rose version.

Next stop was the supposed haunted jail!!!


(Which it totally was) We started out with the most fast-talking, Irish accented tour guide who knew the ins and outs of the entire place which made asking her questions extremely informative. We were taken throughout the jail cells, told about how security there worked, and stories that she had taken (some even  from ex-prison mates) . The whole tour was totally spooky but at the time crazy to think about all the history that the walls we were walking by had seen.


Proof That The Jail Is Haunted

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