Castles and a Sunken Ship


That’s right, the Titanic. Here we are in Belfast, Ireland, there’s no way we could go about our journey in the city where it was built without checking out the history of the ship. Today we were able to walk through the hands-on history museum of the Titanic. The amount of facts I was not aware of about the ship blew my mind. We learned about the actual construction of the ship and the amount of time and money was put into it. When the ship sank, we were shocked to learn that it actually snapped into 2 separate pieces before settling on the ocean floor. The museum overall was cool to see and really modern.


Next on our journey today, we decided to finess the Hop On Hop Off bus by using our expired bus tickets to sneak onto the bus for a castle tour. This immediately proved to be a great idea as we approached Belfast’s first castle. The castle has beautiful landscaping and a view that no picture could do justice (but I’m going to post one anyways). We walked around the outside, went up the staircase, and made our way inside. This castle was so elegant and beautiful inside and out. The rooms looked like they are used for some sort of community meetings, but we were not informed of what exactly goes on inside. We then made one last stop at another castle that sits right on the water and is much older. It almost looked like a fort made for wars. Being on this side of Belfast was a different look at the city and made us all appreciate our stay here even more. belfast castle.jpg

13225131_10201968157923134_737646813_o.jpgChecking out the landscaping on the stairwell at the Belfast Castle.


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